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Wait to Gender Reveal

Pregnancy can be an over-joyous time for families and friends who are excited about a couple welcoming in a future owner of a cubicle and used car into the world. There is nothing more exciting than knowing growing inside the womb of a mother is a future driver who will hold up traffic. It truly does not get any more exciting.

Part of celebrating what will keep the lucky parents from having a normal sleep schedule is throwing an elaborate party with friends and family to announce the gender of the child. The opportunity to spend money on a very specific color party will forever be worth their child's future college debt. From pink colored icing to hitting an exploding softball that reveals blue powder, the gender announcement is almost as beautiful as watching the baby crown. Yet, perhaps it would be best to wait until the child is old enough to determine their gender to throw the party.

For as far as science has come, it is disappointing how often doctors incorrectly assign gender. With all of the medical technology granted to our generation, we really have fallen short when it comes to determining the gender of a baby. Therefore, if doctors cannot accurately determine the gender of a child, wouldn't it be better to save the money until the child can accurately determine their gender? After all, do you really want to waste all that money on blue paint, toys, clothes and party apparel when the child would rather be a girl? In general, parents operate on a tight budget and have to make every penny count. Therefore, why waste money on a gender announcement party when you might make the wrong announcement?

Think about it. We do not celebrate the winner of a Super Bowl until the Super Bowl has been determined. And in the Super Bowl of life, birth is only the kickoff. So wait until the child finishes going through the trials and tribulations of life to determine if it would like to sit or stand going number one for the rest of his or her life. Ultimately, you will be happier saving the money and I can assure you the gender announcement later in life will get your child and family a lot more attention.

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